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20 Acre Land For Sale 二十英亩土地出售
2 Titles – 1 Title 10 Acre 一个地契十英亩
Sell Together 20 Acre 二十英亩一起卖
Special Leasehold 999 Years 🤯😮

Developing Area 这区发展中:
⚡ Nearby New Factories 附近已有工厂 🏭
⚡ New Project (Houses) In Construction 有新屋子正在建着 🏚️
⚡ Sepatang Shortcut Road Incoming 十八丁路捷径即将开工 🚧
⚡ Nearby Simpang Main Road 附近就是新版大路 🚙🚙🚙

💥 2025 Government Will Develop Shortcut Road To Sepatang 👷🚧👷
💥 政府明年将会建立近路到十八丁 👷🚧👷

Great For All Kind Plantation 非常适合各种种植
👍 Solid Land 结实土地
👍 Black Fertile Soil 黑色肥沃泥土
👍 No Flood 没有淹水
👍 Easy Drain Away Rain Water 排水好
👍 Ready Palm Tree Income 油棕每个月都有收入

🌟 Oil Palm 21 X 41 = Above 860 Tree 💲💲💲💲💲
Each Month Harvest Above 11 – 14 Ton, Above RM10k Income 🤑
Right Now Price For 1 Ton About RM900
🌟 油棕树大约 860 棵 💲💲💲💲💲
每个月油棕k可以收成 11 – 14 Ton,收入超过一万马币 🤑
现在油棕每一吨大约 RM900

Great For Other Purposes 不同用处都可以
💯 Land Can Apply Convert To Residential / Commercial 👌
💯 土地可以转换成住宅用、或者商用地 👌
🍗 Farming Hen, Duck, Cow, Sheep, Fish Etc. 养殖鸡鸭牛羊鱼等 👌
🏕️ Homestay, Tourism 饭店旅游 👌
😍 As a Investment Store Value 投资储存价值 👌

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Property Location 房地产位置
We are the only agents with exclusive access to this special property, we invite you to come and see the hosue with us.
Please be advised that this is a proprietary listing, and even with knowledge of the location, access is not available through other agencies.
If you like to visit this property, or you have any questions, please contact us, we will schedule a time to visit together. 😊 如果您想要参观这个房产,或者您有任何问题,请联系我们,我们会安排一起去看房的时间。😊
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  • Don’t know how much monthly installment after purchased? 不知道买了后每个月要供多少钱?

Go to our Loan Calculator to find out your answer 请到我们的贷款计算器查询你的答案:

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