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Taman Simpang Mulia Big Semi-D


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Big Double Storey Semi-D House 超大双层半独立屋子 🤗
Few Halls Can Convert Into Bedroom 几间大厅可以转成房间 🥰
❗ Flexible Multi-Purpose Option 多功能可以随意调整

Ready Structure 现成的结构:
Ground Floor: 1 Extended Wet Kitchen, 1 Dry Kitchen, 1 Prayer Hall, 1 Dinner Hall 🍖🍗🙏🍽️
First Floor: 1 Big Hall, 1 Small Hall 📺🌐☕🍻🏃
Total 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 1 Storeroom 🛏️🛏️🛏️🛏️🚽🚽🚽🚽
一楼楼下:单湿用厨房、单干用厨房、单祈祷用房、单餐厅 🍖🍗🙏🍽️
二楼楼上:大厅一个、小厅一个 📺🌐☕🍻🏃
共有四房、四厕、单储藏室 🛏️🛏️🛏️🛏️🚽🚽🚽🚽

Many Hall Can Do Indoor Activities With Family 很多大厅可以与家人室内活动: 🧐
⭐ Movie Cinema Room, Video Game 电影房、游戏厅 📺🌐
⭐ Reading Room, Yoga Meditation Room 读书房、瑜伽冥想房 ☕👩‍🏫📖
⭐ Party Room, Karaoke Music Room 聚会派对、卡拉OK房 🍻🎵
⭐ Gym Room, Exercise Room 健身房、运动房🏃💪

Nearby Facilities 附近设施:
📍 1 minute to BHP Petrol Station ⛽
📍 1 minute to Various Local Restaurants 🍽️
📍 4 minutes to Pasar Simpang 🍖
📍 4 minutes to H Clinic Simapng Branch 🏥
📍 6 minutes to SK Simpang Primary School 👩‍🏫
📍 6 minutes to SMK Simpang Secondary School 👨‍🏫
📍 7 minutes to SJKC Sin Min Primary School 👩‍🏫
📍 8 minutes to SMK Sri Kota Secondary School 👨‍🏫
📍 13 minutes to Taiping Mall 🛍️

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